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2nd-Aug-2006 01:10 pm - Elevator Conversation 2
Person 1: It seems we’re taking the scenic route
Person 2: Yeah. It seems to be that way.
Person 1: Where do you work?
Person 2: Oh. I work on the 23rd floor.
Person 1: Oh I see. What company is that?
Person 2: . This seems to be my floor. See you.
Person 1: Have a nice day.
Person 2: Have a nice day too.
2nd-Aug-2006 01:09 pm - Elevator Conversation 1
Person 1: *Rubs forehead*
Person 2: rough day?
Person 1: Huh? Oh. Yeah. But it's barely started
Person 2: Hahaha! Well I hope it gets better.
Person 1: I do hope so too. See you.
Person 2: Take care now.
17th-Jul-2006 02:37 pm - on Truth

In physics, there’s something called Newton’s three laws of motion. Named after the man himself, Sir Isaac Newton. The first law is about objects in uniform motion and external forces. When it’s not moving, it won’t move unless an external force acts upon it. The second is about the mass of an object and its acceleration. It’s said to be the most powerful of the three laws since it allows quantitative calculation on dynamics. This one’s about an object in motion and how external forces affect it. The last one is about action and reaction. When we step off a boat towards shore, our bodies walk toward the shore and the boat’s reaction is to be shoved away from shore. How about truth and integrity? Will our actions toward something that’s not exactly physical have an equal and opposite reaction?

Eight years ago, there were two high school girls in a class of 25. They, like everyone else who were taught to do the right thing, thought that if they told the truth it would set them free. No doubt, it did. The details are already sketchy and I believe that most of the people in that room have already put that event aside in their minds. For all I know, the reason was cheating and they squealed against their fellow batch mates. The supervisor came up to the class that day fuming as usual. They practically didn’t have classes that afternoon due to that little ‘interrogation’ she carried out. I think that afternoon turned out better if she didn’t have to yell out loud scolding us like we’re little children and forcing us to tell who it was. Actually, until now, I only have my suspicions on who did it. Anyway, there are only 23 students left in the class who could’ve done it and it won’t take much effort to sift through. Some time later, they were finally allowed to go home. The following days would raise tension even more as they were one by one called down to have a little chat with their dear friend, the supervisor. And the following weeks would mean fewer conversations with those two coming from the rest of the class.

I didn’t understand at that time what went through the minds of these two girls and why didn’t they just let apathy take its course. It’s so easy to just let it pass and do nothing at all about it. You just sit back, relax, and say or do nothing. That’s it. And it would mean even more effort just to tell the truth. You’d need to go through all the headaches and yelling just for saying a few words that would cause someone else to shake the pillars of that truth they once believed. If they hadn’t said anything, the class would’ve finished that an afternoon of lectures and gone home like nothing has happened. But they did what they did and we all faced the ordeal together. But they did the right thing and they were punished for it. This is just something small compared to some bigger fish. Sometimes we’re faced with a problem of knowing something and we have the option of just shutting up or revealing the truth. Depending on the magnitude, I say that most of us probably just let the moment pass and try to live on with our lives. And eventually, we get better dreams after a few sleepless nights once we get used to the idea and forget the little ordeals that test our integrity. And what if we do tell the truth? Are we ready to face what could possible come our way? It could mean terrible times or happy rewards. In this very grey world we live in, it’s usually hard to discern what’s right from wrong. Sometimes you think you’re right but you’re not and when you think you’re wrong you end up being right. And the more we’re into this, the more callous we become and the more grey we become instead of the black or white we were.

So about those two from a while back. Do we consider them as heroes or traitors? Do we put them up on the altar or condemn them? Burn them like witches, maybe. Or we could ordain them like saints. I think most of us would probably say the same thing. They’re two brave people who probably didn’t know what exactly was to happen but only thought of doing the right thing. The question remains when the ball is in our court. What will be our action?

3rd-Jul-2006 12:27 pm(no subject)

I’m not really in a ‘happy mineworker’ mood right now.
“Pacman” won the match yesterday. At first I would really love for him to lose but I figured all that trash talking was just part of psyching up the opponent. The only extra thing for Pacquiao is that he’s fighting in his home turf. It would be a huge blow to his ego if he loses.
Ahiya Brian showed me his new 17-55mm f/2.8 which is a real jaw dropping (*drool*). I tried it out using his camera and I couldn’t be more happy if I had one. The only thing is it’s worth 67k and it’s Nikkor. Good thing there’s a Canon counterpart to this and from the reviews I’ve read, it really is a great lens though it’s not in the L series. And it’s also around the same price. (*sigh*). And he also showed me Nikon’s capability of using the built in flash and controlling other flashes remotely. (*drool some more*). Now I’m beginning to fully realize what he told me when he heard I bought an SLR which is that most photographers don’t really invest on a very good body, but more on the lens.
Finally the airsoft meet was pushed through and it was realty fun and tiring. I think everyone got their share of battle scars and but bites. Hehehe! I’ll most definitely do this again but in the pretty far future.
I want to go home and sleep some more hours.
The whole family got sick over the weekend except me. Hehehe!
…so what do you really want?
Everyone’s raving about the new superman movie. GV even said that it’s better than Star Wars. Anyway, everyone said that the movie showed more of the “Human” side of the Man of Steel. And what about Clark Kent? I believe that there isn’t much to say about this mild mannered reporter of the Daily Planet. Nothing much to say about this person except that I think I should watch out for the coif shifting to the other side when Kent goes super and back. From what I’ve seen in the trailers, he’s returned from somewhere and Lois is a single mom and him fathering a child. Couldn’t he have just flew around spinning the earth in reverse to make time go back again? wehehehe! Sarcastic? As usual. Bitter? No. I actually think it’s good that they finally showed Superman as a human being.
I finally got a DVD-ROM on my PC! Yahoo! DVD marathon time!!
It’s funny how you learn life’s most essential teachings through children’s books


can a relationship that seemed wrong to start with end up right?

18th-May-2006 10:36 am(no subject)

Person1: ayoko sa pinas e..
Person1: mejo mabagal yung asenso..
Person1: gulo gulo pa..
Person1: paglabas mo palang ng bahay problema na haharap sau.. trafic, init, etc. hehehe
Person2: hehe! hindi naman aasenso yung bansa kung walang tutulong para umasenso ito e..
Person1: ang pilipinas... la nang pag asa noh.. paano puro magugulang mga tao jan..

so much hatred and disgust to this country.. sad

20th-Apr-2006 10:38 am - out of boredom

(x) get caught by the DO
(x) wear inappropriate attire (shirt, shorts, and slippers)
( ) watch a UAAP la salle vs ateneo game live in araneta
(x) eat at AGNO
( ) smoke at AGNO
(x) hangout at AGNO
(x) hangout at a friend's condo
(x) sing the alma mater
(x) swim at the olympic size swimming pool
(x) have class in all the buildings
(x) use the football field
(x) hang out in ampitheater
(x) watch something during the u-break in the ampitheater
(x) cross enroll
( ) be a 1st honors dean's lister
( ) be a 2nd honors dean's lister
(x) get a 0.0
(x) get a 4.0 (except P.E and NSTP)
(x) eat in mcdonalds
(x) eat in UM (KFC included)
(x) eat somewhere outside near the campus (not fastfood)
(x) borrow/reserve something in the IMS
(x) get a major or minor offense
(x) go out with 5 or more blockmates during freshmen
(x) walk around the campus with 4 or more blockmates after freshmen
(x) cut a class together with blockmates
(x) beg for a higher grade during course card distribution
(x) adjust
(x) be active in an organization
(x) be a member of TAPAT or SANTUGON
(x) be stereotyped by others according to your college (CBE, COE, COS, CLA, CCS, cED)
(x) get an alarm sound when you scan your id
( ) talk to your LAMB aside from LPEP
( ) be deceived by the false names of professors in the on-line enrollment
(x) pay surcharge
(x) go to the chapel
(x) hear mass
( ) visit the museum
(x) know a xerox lady
( ) sleep in the library
(x) get to know mang jack
(x) get to know jenny
(x) got/given something to someone during the valentines week
(x) have a class after 6:00 pm
(x) talk about someone passing by while on a bench in SJ walk
(x) study in conservatory
(x) print somewhere near outside the campus
(x) type somewhere near outside the campus
(x) cram
(x) do a last minute paper
(x) date a lasallian
(x) have a crush on your blockmate
(x) have a crush on your classmate
(x) have a crush on your professor
( ) attend a seminar outside lasalle
( ) talk to a lasallian celebrity (model, actress, vj, etc.)
(x) sleep in a class
(x) have/had a lasallian girlfriend/boyfriend
(x) be in a conflict with a professor
(x) witness pda inside the campus
(x) use a computer in the computer laboratories
( ) be drunk somewhere near outside the campus
(x) forget your ID at home
(x) get exempted from finals
(x) stay at school till 10:00 or later
(x) actually read a whole article in The Lasallian
(x) actually read a whole article in Plaridel
(x) took time to look at the 'Proudly Lasallian' stands in the campus
(x) thought that yuchengco restrooms are the best restrooms
(x) shifted / planned to shift
(x) read a whole book borrowed at the library
(x) eat inside the classroom
(x) get a txt or call with your cellphone not in silent mode during class
(x) spend money for 1X1 ID pictures
( ) break something in the laboratory
( ) ask the library for an endorsement
(x) entered the thesis room in the library
(x) searched a professor in the DLSU website
( ) park in the beach
( ) park in Sports Complex
(x) eat siomai (inside or outside near the school)
(x) tasked to photocopy for a bunch of people
(x) enter a job fair in campus
(x) buy a raffle ticket, donate something, sign a signature campaign inside the campus
(x) sell raffle tickets, ask for donations, made people sign signature campaigns inside the campus
(x) watch something at night in the yuchengco theater
(x) make a video for a class project
(x) make a powerpoint presentation
(x) give a very low evaluation to a professor
(x) eat inside the java cafe
(x) be pissed with a guard
(x) go to the clinic
(x) nearly reached / reached excess absences
(x) pick a popular professor (infamous, cool, generous, cute) for a subject
(x) be the one to make the 'mass overload sound' in an elevator
(x) buy something in the bookstore
( ) lose your cellphone

17th-Apr-2006 02:07 pm - Boy meets girl.

It all starts here. Your first encounter with the girl you’ve been staring at for the past half hour from across the room unless of course you’re some psycho stalker who’s been following her for the last couple of months. But let’s not dwell on that. You’ve been waiting for this moment all night. Your best friend introduces you and that’s all you can say. You stutter even. Smooth move, Romeo. Maybe the next girl you get introduced to you could slip on your own feet and make a bigger fool out of yourself. But you’ve already unchained that word from your mouth and it’s already traveled through the air and into the ears of your company. So you think that there’s no way you could take back what has happened. Then you walk away and hide in some comfort room and bang your head on the wall thinking that things will never be all right. After a few moments, you get out the room and hang out with your friends. You try not to think of the whole ordeal that’s just happened to you thinking that it’ll be all right as long as you don’t see her anymore. after some time, the party ends and everyone starts to go home. And by sheer misfortune, you happened to see her from afar… looking at you. And she smiles… shyly. Then you tell yourself that it’s not over… that there’s still some slim opportunity of hope for this relationship to kick off. And all you can do is smile back.


7th-Apr-2006 10:52 am - On Love and Happiness (v 1.0)

For the past few weeks, I’ve encountered different issues on Love and Happiness. I haven’t the time to write them all down and I’ve probably lost half of the thoughts I had the time I was thinking them. So as always, here goes.

It seems that for some people, Happiness is a blurry picture when taken into the context of Love. We go to great lengths to reach this so-called Happiness that we trample others along the way. Sometimes this Happiness we feel isn’t really honest enough because it’s us who gets trampled.

Case #1: The home wrecker/The snake/the Third wheel (however you want to call them)

“All’s fair in Love and War” as we’ve all have heard. This line’s so old and so used that it could serve a lot of purpose. It’s the unending reminder, comforter, bragger, and your little slap-in-the-face phrase. But I don’t think this should be taken into the context of marriage. I’ve heard stories of people having extra marital affairs and eventually breaking up or eventually the family breaks up. When I was a kid I never dreamed of seeing one of my friend’s families break up. Though I’ve a friend who’s mom is actually the mistress, his dad still sees them and supports them. I’m not justifying that this is correct but I’m just sharing what I saw. So life goes and I just live in my tiny little world of my own. Up until just this week, my friend told me something that I thought would never happen. This friend of mine was the third party to a guy who already has a family. I thought she would break it off seeing that she said she wanted to. But to my surprise, she became the home wrecker. Another story I got was about a guy having a woman on the side. I can’t recall all the details but they eventually broke up because the guy loves his kid. I can’t really dwell much on this because I’ve never had an extra marital relationship before since I’m still single. And of course I hope to never face this problem. Hehehe! But I can put this in the perspective of a relationship. A few days ago Ellie asked me if I ever had a crush on someone else when I was still with Kat. I said right there and then “Siyempre. Pero hands off.” It’s kind of like the sign we usually see in stores: “Nice to see and nice to hold. But if you break it, we consider it sold.” I think it’s just a matter of principle. But then again, some people can turn their back on their principles as easy as if it was breathing.

Case #2: The Martyr

I believe we’ve all been here at least once in our lives. We just try to be the good friend and end up pounding ourselves into a pulp. Sometimes this goes for so long and so deep that we consider them as “the one that got away” because we were too scared to actually do anything. We just sit there and get hurt or trampled on and wish that someday that person would notice that it shouldn’t have been that person. But me. And if we’re true emotional masochists, we’d see them of happy and we remain to find someone like them. Eventually this emotion lingers in our hearts and in our minds. Even if we say that the emotion has already exited, sometimes it only takes one little event to bring it all back and we’re back in the first, inevitable, and recurring stage and realize that we never escaped. Eventually, if we’ve mustered up enough strength to utter the words “I love you. Please be mine.” to that person then I can say that you’ve got balls and I’m proud of you. But what happens next is totally out of our hands for sometimes, that person loves you back enough to say that the emotions are actually mutual. That he/she too had been repressing the emotions all this time because of fear of losing you. On the other hand, that person might be the total opposite of our hopes and we become devastated by our actions. Regret soon comes in with her nagging voice. Then life goes on.

In conclusion, love is indeed a many splendid things. We do so many crazy things because of love. We do what it takes to show our love. And we breakdown in tears because of it. Our decisions is always half chance and love is no exception. It’s up to us to decide what we want. May it be contentment or happiness, disappointment or satisfaction, whatever.

Carpe Diem.

2nd-Apr-2006 11:45 pm(no subject)

there's no such thing as a "win-win" situation. Someone's gotta lose one way or another.

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